what it all comes down to is that i hate men

Anonymous: i'm physically attracted to chubby girls!!! (i'm a girl btw)

I’ve never cuddled a girl :( but all girls are so soft and cuddly we are just so irresistible

I am such a chubby chaser get your model boys out of here ew

Literally never believe anything you read on tumblr and always check or try to find the source regardless

Anonymous: I'm British but I wondered if you know where I can get a good bag from? Love you style endlessly and anything you reccomend I will most definitely buy!

This is the bag I have (you can also get it from Nordstrom, Baggu’s own website, and a few other places) and I love it!! It’s such a great quality and in my opinion the chicest shape ever and you can’t go wrong with any of the colors (I have black). For the quality I’d say the price isn’t even bad - leather bags can get ridiculously expensive. I recommend this or maybe one of baggu’s more structured leather bags if that’s what you’re looking for!



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Was told that i look like young winona today i havent gotten that compliment in a while ;_; so good

Anonymous: i have really long thin legs and baggy trousers and as much as they look amazing on other people, are really unflattering on me! what would you suggest to go with baggy tshirts, etc that isnt leggings?

Long thin legs are what look good in really baggy pants, you may just need to experiment with fabric and shape. try more flowy and silky types? Aside from baggy pants, jeans always go great with baggy t shirts, especially mom jeans. Id also recommend trying various skirts, midi, mini, tight, full, tucked in and not - depending on the fabric and length of the shirt itd look great (for instance, big t tucked into a full midi skirt or a big t over a tiny mini skirt so you can barely see it). Also try the same thing with shorts!! Bug ts are the best you just need to experiment and figure out how to properly work its specific fabric & shape in a way that suits you. But that can be an annoying process lol

i had to wait to buy this skirt until i had money and yesterday every size was in stock and immediately when i got the money today its suddenly completely out of stock……classic

Im just so 😍😍😍😍😍 all the time for the past 10 months basically


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Im so in love lol

O yea i have been off tumblr for so long i forgot about the elitist bitches that hate on designer collaborations w h&m etc lol

Last nights game of thrones was exactly what i wanted to happen lol yyyyyyyyyeesssssssssssssss


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